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Although posters and prints are the most common items that are framed, they are by far not the only “art” you can hang on your wall.  We would like to describe some of our work over the past few years.  Perhaps it will inspire some ideas for your own home.

When a piece of artwork has a monetary value, care must be taken in framing to preserve the picture as well as to enhance it.  In framing several original Andrew Wyeth watercolors for one customer, we had to use museum, or archival, quality matting and backing to avoid staining the paper.  Due to the amount of light the pieces would be exposed to in our customer’s home, we also recommended UVinside of store (ultraviolet) filtering glass to help prevent the art from fading.  We used similar framing for a wedding present that consisted of an original photo of the bride’s great-grandmother in her wedding gown and newspaper articles about the wedding from 1908!  It used to be that if you wanted museum quality framing, your choices were limited in mat colors to one:  white.  Nowadays, the matboard companies produce new colors every season to match the latest color trends.  There are also fabric-covered boards ranging from soft silks and linens to velvety suedes.

“Art’ is not limited to 2 dimensions.  Just ask our customer who framed a collection of pins from Russia for a friend who brought them back from traveling.  Or the customer who asked us to frame a series of political buttons that survived the fire at her family’s factory.  One piece we were privileged to work on was a 13-star flag that had been in the customer’s family for generations, and the antique lace baby bonnet.  There have been many different sized jigsaw puzzles that we have framed.

This past year has been particularly creative for framing diplomas.  A diploma can be framed to accent the home or office where it will hang.  It can be simple or richly elaborate.  It can be done to show the school colors.  One question we try to ask is “Where will it hang?”.  If a diploma is part of the office decor, it may need to have a more professional look.  We framed several diplomas in which we incorporated other objects with it:  one included the tassel and a medallion; another surrounded the diploma with photographs of the college and graduation; yet another included two drawings of the college.


Frame Gallery
2707 East Commercial Boulevard • Fort Lauderdale, FL  33308
On north side between Federal and Bayview
(954) 771-2922

Monday Through Friday - 9:30 am to 5:30 pm • Saturday -9:30 am to 2:30 pm
Other hours by appointment. Call (954) 771-2922 for further information